St. Louis woman celebrates 100th birthday with 100 White Castle sliders

White Castle Sliders
Photo credit Getty Images

A 100-year-old woman from St. Louis might just be White Castle's biggest fan.

Lydia Motchan makes friends wherever she goes by chatting with them about her favorite fast-food chain.

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"If I don’t know people wherever I am — everybody knows about White Castle and many people have had the chance of enjoying White Castle — so I talk about White Castle with great enthusiasm," Motchan told TODAY.

For Motchan, White Castle is part of her heritage.

"We grew up around the Great Depression time and so it was hard for my daddy to get a job. White Castle was a treat because we could afford them," she said. "A hamburger only cost a quarter and if you were lucky enough to cut a coupon out of the newspaper, you could buy six for 25 cents."

And one of her favorite things about sliders is the smell.

"The wonderful aroma of White Castle in an automobile is something quite delightful," she said. "There’s nothing quite like it. I’d like to bottle it as a perfume an