Want to travel in 2021? You may be required to have a vaccine passport


(KMOX) - FDA-approved coronavirus vaccines are being distributed across the nation and may be a sign of normalcy in the future.

But there are reports that some things won't be just like old times soon. Even after you get a vaccine, you may also need a vaccine passport to do things like travel, go to the movies, attend concerts, and shop.

Several companies are creating new technology for users to upload details about their COVID-19 vaccine history to do things in 2021.

Several airlines, including Jet Blue and United, have partnered with The Common Trust Network. They will have a CommonPass App where a QR code can be generated to show a person's vaccine and medical history to show authorities. Large tech firms are also getting in on this technology.

Earlier this month the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked about the idea of an immunity passport to show proof of vaccination before flying or attending large events such as concerts or a ball game. He said he's "not so sure that's workable."

"Let's just see how that works out with people's willingness to accept that, it may not actually be readily accepted in society," he said. "If we could get the overwhelming majority of this population in our country vaccinated, we could essentially crush this outbreak and just put it behind us."

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