In PSA, Chicago mayor emerges from bad dream, says, 'Science is back, baby'

Chicago's mayor praises President-Elect Joe Biden for creating a coronavirus task force
Chicago mayor
Lori Lightfoot PSA Photo credit Twitter

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is praising President-Elect Joe Biden’s embrace of science — and maybe slamming the outgoing president for his less enthusiastic approach.

Lightfoot’s Twitter page on Tuesday posted a brief comedic video in which the mayor appears to wake up from a bad dream before realizing: “Thank God, science is back, baby."

The mayor, who has a book by physicist Stephen Hawking in her lap, also expresses joy that the “earth is round, not flat” as she spins a globe.

The text accompanying the video praises the incoming Biden administration for announcing creation of a coronavirus task force, which represents a “new day for science and evidence-based policy-making.”

Democrat Biden made the continuing pandemic a major part of his presidential campaign and blamed incumbent President Donald Trump for botching the nation’s response to COVID-19 and ignoring science.

Trump’s White House foisted much of the response to coronavirus on state governments. Biden has promised to centralize a strategy under the federal government.

Trump also has minimized the effects of global warming on the planet, while Biden has called global warming an existential threat.

Chicago Health Commissioner Allison Arwady is also in the Lightfoot video, reminding people to take steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus.