Will you refuse a COVID vaccine? Missouri residents among most vocal saying they won't get it, study says


(KMOX) - A vaccine may be distributed across states like Missouri and Illinois in as little as a couple weeks. But there are some in Missouri who say they won't be lining up for it.

According to geotagged twitter data over the last 30 days, Missouri residents are the No. 1 most vocal group in the country that are saying "I will not take a COVID vaccine," "I will refuse a vaccine" or something similar. A new map produced by Someka.net, a group of engineers, business and finance experts who take comprehensive data and turn it into easy to understand charts, maps and calendars.

They've been tracking tweets, hashtags, and direct quotes from users who plan to stay away from the upcoming COVID vaccines. And came up with the top-10 states that have a negative sentiment towards a COVID vaccine. Over 120,000 tweets were tracked.

no vaccine

1. Arkansas
2. Missouri
3. Virginia
4. Minnesota
5. Arizona
6. Wisconsin
7. Texas
8. Tennessee
9. Georgia
10. Alaska

The twitter data was tracked and mapped out by someka.net (any link attribution would go to them) using their Excel heat map generators along with trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data.

Click here for more information on how geotagged tweets are tracked.

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