Sedgwick County awaits second shipment of vaccines

Photo credit Getty Images

There is some good news when it comes to vaccine distribution. Federal leaders say states should begin vaccinating everyone 65 and older. While this is welcome news it does come with more challenges.

Sedgwick county health director Adrienne Byrne said this is good news. She said the health department has already been preparing for the older population to receive their vaccines.

“I think, it’s safe to say, like with everything else with COVID. Nothing is set in stone. Change continues to happen all the time just like going from 75 to 65 and again that was a good change,” said Byrne.

While Byrne said allowing 65 and older to begin vaccinations is a positive step forward, she is concerned about the county’s supply. She said by the end of the week, the health department’s shipment of vaccines will be used up. Byrne said she is still not sure when the next shipment will come.

“We are just waiting to hear we should know I think by the end of this week usually we don’t get a lot of notice 24 to 48 hours,” said Byrne.

Byrne said if the county does not receive vaccines next week it will have to stop distribution at the same time many health care workers will be ready to receive their second dose.