NOLA runs low on Jameson whiskey

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One of the city’s favorite pours is suspiciously absent from the shelves of many bars and restaurants. There's a Jameson shortage, and fans of the beloved Irish blended whiskey may have to turn to other options for their shots.

“We will get through this together,” said food reporter Ian McNulty.
“We will get through this with Paddy’s, we will get through it with Tullamore Dew, we will get through this with Redbreast, we will get through this, I dare say, with writer’s tears.”

So is New Orleans running out of whiskey? No.

“There is not a shortage of Irish whiskey, the report (by is there is a shortage of Jameson,” said McNulty.

An informal survey of a local grocery store found shelves quite heavily stocked with Jameson, suggested this issue is one limited to distributors who deal with bars and restaurants, and not an overall lack of the product. Service industry professionals have also told WWL they’re having trouble getting Makers from their distributors as well.