WATCH: New LAPD Video Shows Brutal Clash with Black Lives Matter Protesters

LAPD Fairfax BLM Protest
Photo credit LAPD Fairfax BLM Protest

Newly released Los Angeles Police Department from body-camera footage from a  Black Lives Matter protest in May claims to show that a violently brutal encounter between several officers and the crowd was initiated after a protester pulled an officer by the neck. 

A well-known anti-Apartheid activist, born in South African, Steyn is a mass-shooting survivor and the co-author of a book about his days spying for the African National Congress. Steyn was hospitalized with a ripped scrotum and ruptured testicle as a result of the exchange. 

The video was released as part of an ongoing investigation into injuries to Steyn who filed a formal complaint with the LAPD and filed notice with the city of his intention to sue over his injuries.“I could see his eyes,” Steyn, 49, said in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, of the officer who shot him. “He was not aiming for my center body mass or my belt buckle. He was trying to put the hurt on.”LAPD says the body-cam video shows a different story. 

A spokesman from the LAPD, Josh Rubenstein says it was Steyn who assaulted the officer and have passed their findings along to prosecutors,  who sent it on to City Atty. Mike Feuer’s office, Rubenstein said, according to The Times. Feuer’s office said Wednesday that it was reviewing the case.

In mid-July, Los Angeles Police Department released a body-camera video of an arrest of two suspects accused of attacking officers at a protest in downtown L.A. 

Three officers and a sergeant were treated for minor injuries each sustained during the altercation.