Energy Efficiency Program: Lighting in the Retail Industry

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Retail Lighting
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The retail industry reinvents itself as new technology continually expands our abilities to operate a business. Different types of retail companies have been newly established and competition is constantly on the rise. With the advent of online shopping, storefront retail businesses need to make the most of their resources. It has become imperative to save on operational costs as best as possible to increase cash flow.

Lighting can account for a significant portion of your business expenses and should be evaluated for updates. A facilities assessment would help your company make the right adjustments to increase energy efficiency. Many buildings are already using LED lights, which can effectively reduce your energy bill, however, it is also important to establish the correct color temperature for your light bulbs.

Depending on your retail business, you may want a specific shade to compliment your products. Lighting can range from a soft yellowish light to a bright blue light. Through a facilities assessment, businesses can establish the best color temperature lighting to display their products based on location and use. LED bulbs will also bring out the true color of your products.

ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman discusses the impact of lighting on the retail industry and what can be done to reduce energy costs when operating a your business.

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