WATCH: KNX News presents town hall on rise and peril of artificial intelligence

“Reality in an A.I. World” features screenwriter Justine Bateman and other top names from media and tech to examine the impacts and threats of A.I.’s rapid development.

LOS ANGELES (KNX) – The sudden emergence of artificial intelligence in the national conversation has spawned concerns about sweeping changes to daily life, education, the workforce, Hollywood, and even our collective sense of reality. KNX News 97.1 FM cut through the uncertainty with a one-hour town hall called “Reality in an A.I. World."

With A.I. a key sticking point in the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike, the panel featured actor, screenwriter, producer, and director Justine Bateman. Other panelists included Ramsay Brown, CEO of the A.I. Responsibility Lab, Brandie Nonnecke, co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, and others.

From jobs to congressional bills to food to entertainment, A.I. has steadily weaved its way into the fabric of everyday life. Its impacts have many, including President Biden and Apple, expressing concerns about its features and usage.


The following guests served as the panelists:

Justine Bateman, actress, producer, director, screenwriter; owner/executive of her production company Section 5.

Ramsay Brown, CEO of The AI Responsibility Lab & Mission Control.

Sabaa Quidwai, founder of the education-technology consulting firm Designing Schools; formerly education development exec at Apple and director of innovative learning at USC Keck.

James Kaplan, CEO of the AI voice assistant company Meet Kai; they're working with Meta among others to design AI that helps people better interact with technology.

Brandie Nonnecke, director of the CITRIS Policy Lab at UC Berkeley; co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology; co-director of the UC Berkeley AI Policy Hub.

Kalinda Ukanwa, professor at USC where she researches responsible AI & algorithmic fairness--essentially how to profitably fine tune AI for businesses. Before entering academia, she was an industrial engineer & finance analyst for Walt Disney, Citigroup & Viacom.

One of the topics panelists discussed was if artificial intelligence could ever become creative and have a big impact in the arts.

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