Panic rooms described as 'safe-haven' as they grow in popularity across Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KNX) – As crime levels in Los Angeles continue to spike, many residents are left wondering how they can protect themselves, as well as their families.

Some homeowners in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air areas are turning to panic rooms to help keep them safe, according to Dean Cryer, Vice President of International Operations at Building Consensus/Panic Room Builders.

But what exactly is a panic room?

“A panic room is basically a safe haven,” Cryer explained to KNX In Depth. “Somewhere where you can go when you-know-what hits the fan and you can feel safe within that room knowing that the authorities are on their way and you’re safe for that period of time.”

Cryer said his company has worked with multimillionaires to billionaires to build panic rooms. When it comes to what layer of protection his company can provide for those rooms, Cryer said it depends on the “threat level of the client.”

“We work on a level basis, so a level three, you’re looking at something like a Kevlar surrounding the room,” he explained.

“So, a handgun, anything of that nature will not penetrate that room, up to a level eight, where it’s encased in steel. So we’re talking three quart eight steel, reinforced doors, reinforced hinges, reinforced everything.
An AK-47 would not penetrated that room. “

He said about 50% of L.A. residents who are ultra-wealthy are getting panic rooms.

He added the rooms come handy, especially with the growing trend of at-home robberies at night.

“(The robbers) are smashing through a glass door, or something like that,” Cryer explained. “They’re breaking in at night. They’re coming up to the room. That’s why you need a panic room.”

Listen to Cryer’s full interview in the audio above.

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