Energy Efficiency Program: Ways to Save on Your Company Electric Bill

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Saving on Energy Bill
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All companies rely on many aspects to successfully run a business smoothly. Costs for business operations can rapidly accumulate and should be evaluated regularly to help establish continual efficiency. Depending on the type of business you are in, there is a good chance you are running up your electric bill. A facilities assessment is the best way to begin to address the many ways to you can lessen your energy use and save.

Lighting can play a major role in decreasing business expenses. Using LED bulbs will reduce maintenance costs as they can last ten times longer than traditional-older bulbs, and as much as fifteen times longer in certain situations. Outdoor and garage lighting are areas often neglected, but can noticeably reduce your energy bill if properly addressed. Exit signs are also often ignored, but usually run much longer than other lights, and therefore should be a priority to assess.

ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman explains the many ways companies can save on their electric bill. When running a business, entrepreneurs should jump on opportunities to increase their chances of success. Sometimes you just can't afford to miss out on savings.

Energy Efficiency Program: Ways to Save on Your Residential Electric Bill - ComEd Energy Doctor Michelle Ackman Part 4

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