Longtime Dallas Hairstylist Reacts to Governor’s Orders to Reopen Salons on Friday


On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott announced that barbershops and hair salons can reopen beginning on Friday, May 8.

As we near the reopening day, local beauty professionals are finding their way to put plans in place.  

KRLD’s Kristin Diaz spoke with Christy Lawrence, who is an independent hair stylist at Anderson Cox & Co. Salon in Dallas, TX.

Lawrence, who has 30 years in the business, revealed she was caught off guard by the Governor's announcement and disclosed how she and her fellow stylists plan to prepare for the return of their clients.

“I’m a little surprised that we are being allowed to open this Friday,” Lawrence confessed. “We had a plan in place to open on the 18th.”

Despite the sudden news, Lawrence said the salon will be opening its doors on Friday, but with modifications.

“The salon will reopen on Friday, but only on by appointment and only for those stylists that feel comfortable coming back in and working,” she said.

Lawrence won’t be seeing clients until the 18th, when the salon has their official hard opening to the general public.

In addition to working part-time on alternating days of the week, she and her fellow stylists have set up new safety protocols to keep their customers healthy.

“We’ve put a plan in place to alternate stations within the salon so that no one is within six-feet distance of each other,” Lawrence said.  “I’ll be using the necessary masks and gloves and disinfecting stations and shampoo bowls between clients.”

She added:” I feel very comfortable with it, I think we are ready to go.”

Throughout the shutdown, Lawrence has stayed in contact with her clients and she revealed they are eager to get back in the chair.

“They are all very concerned. Everyone is trying to do the right thing and shelter in place,” she said, before adding, “they are definitely ready to come to the salon the minute we open the door.”

And while she admitted some customers had made requests to try and get an appointment during the shelter-in-place, Lawrence wasn’t comfortable with it. 

“We’re ready to get back into the salon and work legally,” Lawrence said. “I’m happy to get back to taking care of my clients and making people pretty again.”