2017 Report: JPS Elevator That Critically Injured Nurse Needs To Be Modernized Soon

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FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - As the investigation into elevator accident at JPS hospital continues, KRLD is learning the hospital was told the elevator that critically injured a nurse needed to be modernized soon.

That assessment was made in an elevator capital expenditure planning report prepared in June of 2017 by the firm Lerch Bates.

The Elevator report is on pages 363-375 of the "Long Range Planning And Facilities Analysis" report.

It noted that the three purple elevators at JPS' main building were installed in 1993 and contained obsolete equipment.

The report, however, made no assessment of the elevators' safety, only to say that the maintenance performed by contractor ThyssenKrupp Elevators was above-average.

Lerch Bates recommended in the report that JPS do a full-scale modernization of those purple elevators in 2018.

In January, one of those elevators malfunctioned, causing critical injuries to nurse Carren Stratford that she may never fully recover from.

In the wake of that accident, Lerch Bates issued a maintenance audit survey report last month.

Unlike its assessment two years ago, the new report indicates that the level of maintenance by ThyssenKrupp was below average and not meeting requirements.

The purple elevators were out of service, as they still are now, and were not included in that audit.