Following Shooting, Comfort Dogs Deployed To Midland-Odessa Area

Service Dog
Photo credit GettyImages

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Some very good dogs are helping heal hearts in Midland and  Odessa following Saturday's shooting rampage

Six specially trained Golden Retriever comfort dogs from all over Texas spent part of Labor Day day at  the Music City Mall in Odessa to help workers who had to shelter in place.  She said they heard the workers were having a hard time. They will be in the area for the next few days. 

Janice Marut, Southwest Regional Coordinator with Lutheran Church Charities says the dogs are calm and quiet and wear vests with their names and the words 'Please pet me.'

"So that people can love on them.  People receive unconditional love, the dogs don't make comments and they keep secrets.  It's amazing to watch the interaction between one of these dogs and a person that's hurting."

She says they can put the dogs in a down command, where the dogs lay down on the floor  "and just let people approach them.  We do that especially with children.  The surprised look on their faces, the joy on their faces.  We know the dogs have affected them."

They are making the dogs available to hospitals, schools and the police department.