Non-Profit Helps Dallas Tornado Victims

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Photo credit 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) - A non-profit group in Dallas is raising funds for people impacted by the October tornado in Dallas. Officials with Unite Greater Dallas estimate about 1,000 families were displaced from their homes.

"People have lost everything. So they need clothing...coats and shoes. They need furniture, appliances and the basic food staples that we all keep in our cabinets," said Unite Greater Dallas CEO Rebecca Walls.

Her organization has set up a recovery fund with Communities Foundation of Texas to accept donations of money and supplies. 

Some families affected by the tornado are working to re-build their homes, Walls said, but are finding it difficult - even though they had insurance. "Before they can get anything repaired, they've got to pay a high deductible...or maybe they were under-insured, so their repair expenses are going to be higher than they can handle," she said. Some businesses in the storm zone that were damaged are also still closed, leaving employees out of work going into the holidays.

Research in other parts of Texas has shown that it can take families between 6 and 12 months to recover from a tornado, and all of the impacts may not be apparent. "Over the next month or so people are going to realize this is harder than they expected," said Walls "There's going to be  increased depression and school drop-outs."

She's asking people to donate through the group's web site to help those still struggling because of the tornado.