Nurses Ask To Be Included In Texas Back To School Plans

Nurse in hospital
Photo credit A stockphoto/GettyImages

There's a call to include nurses in planning as Texas school districts make plans to reopen.The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has given guidance in their recommendations for how to open schools.

Serena Bumpus, the director of practice for the Texas Nurses Association says school nurses need to be involved in that process. "We have all stayed up with the latest evidence related to Covid-19.  They can really help the school boards and the school administrators make the right decisions to ensure that the classrooms are prepared for the students to return safely should they choose to do so."She says they've be able to train teachers to keep them and their student safe, like making sure students understand why they have to wear masks and sanitize their hands. 

They'd also be helpful in developing contract tracing should there be an exposure in a school. "Contact tracing is going to be a big component of what needs to take place should there be an exposure in the school.  School nurses need to be involved in the development of that process and how they're going to manage it."The Texas School Nurses Organization and Representative Donna Howard also want nurses to take part in the reopening of school in the fall.