Poll Shows Texans Lax On Masks


It seems a lot of Texans aren't too big on wearing masks out in publicMarket research company OneQ surveyed people in the four biggest states, California, New York, Texas and Florida. It found 85 and 84%of New Yorkers and Californians respectively always or often wore masks-  84% when outside, the number dropped down to 71% in Florida and 64% in Texas. 

OneQ's Phil Walotsky says "In terms of people who say they never wear their masks when they go outside, that they refuse to wear a mask, Texas had the highest level of that as well.  That was at four percent compared to two percent in Florida and one percent both California and New York."He says the national average for mask compliance is 67% and nationwide, three percent of Americans say they never wear a mask,The survey showed Texans found mask wearing was most important on airplanes at 94%. 

88% believe it's important in grocery stores and 87% in movie theaters, retail stores and mall. 

82% said it was important in bars and in restaurants came in at 78%.  

56% said it was important to wear a mask in a public park. 

"In every single one of those categories, Texas ranked fourth among those four states in terms of their attitudes" says Walotsky.This follows the CDC issuing updated guidance that showed nearly 180,000 Americans are projected to die from coronavirus by October, but a universal face mask order - something that exists universally in states like California and New York, but only in specific Texas counties would result in saving 33,000 lives.