Speaker Bonnen Not Impressed After Visits To Big Box Stores

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Photo credit Andrey Zhuravlev/GettyImages

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - The Speaker of the Texas House says some retailers need to set a better example. 

Rep. Dennis Bonnen says he's horrified by what he saw during weekend trips to his local big box home improvement stores in Angleton and Lake Jackson. "There was basically no social distancing.  Not a single employee that I witnessed was wearing a mask.  Literally I had one employee cough and hack as I walked by them. They then stood and visited with each other when I was checking out."Bonnen say this type of behavior will make it more difficult to reopen the Texas economy.  "As long as the big box stores act like they have nothing to lose, because they haven't been closed for a day during all of this, they're hurting our main street small local businesses.  They have a responsibility to follow these guidelines."He fears customers will mimic the behavior of certain store employees, which will lead to more people becoming infected. He says that in turn could hurt small businesses. "They're going to drag it out.  They're keeping my local restaurants and our local businesses and our barber shops and hair salons from being able to be open or fully open, and that is not fair."He would like to see store managers require their employees wear masks and practice social distancing.Bonnen say on the flip side, stores like HEB are setting a good example by mandating masks and social distancing