Texas Company Creates Masks Equipped With Zippers

Shut Your Mouth Masks
Photo credit Photo Credit: Shut Your Mouth

Thirsty?  Unzip your mask!

A Texas company has come up with the perfect mask to be worn when venturing into restaurants and bars.Face coverings from Shut Your Mouth have zippers right across the mouth. And that means you can mask up and tug the zipper back just enough to sip a drink or pop a chip, without really moving the face covering. 

Shut Your Mouth masks are the creation of three Houston women, including Haley Manley, who just happens to have a masters in epidemiology.   

She was facetiming with another founder when idea first took hold. "She was drinking water with a mask on and exposed her whole face, and she also managed to spill the water down her T-shirt.  I thought, ok, we need to change things while still being able to protect ourselves."These are not N-95 or anything a surgical mask. They aren't approved by the CDC and should be washed before every use.On the flip side, those masks don't come with a reusable straw, and these do.Manley says people are going to be flying again soon and when they do "we thought this would be really practical for that are traveling. Since I went to college at SMU, I took Southwest all the time.  Everyone is getting a drink of some sort on the plane, and we thought this would be really helpful for travelers."

Online: ShopShutYourMouth.com