New App Monitors Threat Of COVID-19 Spread

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Photo credit Credit: Preto_perola/GettyImages

The founder of Dallas-based medical technology company Wello has rolled out a new, free tool to help protect users from coronavirus.

Available for iPhone and Android, the WelloWatch app uses real-time weather information and a color-based system of notifications to give users the current "threat level" for coronavirus spread in their location.

Wello founder Rik Heller told KRLD News it's very important to monitor the humidity and dew point on a given day.  Research shows a virus like COVID-19 is much more likely to spread in low humidity. 

At the same time, viruses struggle in higher humidity.  On a day that features high humidity, the user is likely to see conditions are "green." 

As moisture levels fall, you are more likely to see a "yellow" or even "red" notification, meaning the chances of coronavirus spread are higher.  For example, individuals can use the information from the app to decide if it's a good day to visit the grocery store or venture out for other essentials.

Heller said WelloWatch is provided free as a public service.  No personal information is required to download it.

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