Adoptable Pet Pals: Meet Staten!


In partnership with the SPCA of Texas, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD brings you 'Adoptable Pet Pals,' a weekly feature to introduce you to animals that are ready for adoption.

KRLD's Kristin Diaz along with Maura Davies from the SPCA highlights the critical need for adopting families at local animal shelters by showcasing an "Adoptable Pet Pal" that has stayed at the shelter too long.

Meet Staten!
Meet Staten! He is a 5-year-old male mixed breed with a laid-back charm. This cool canine is on the hunt for a loving home that can match his heart's capacity for affection. His intelligence shines through as he effortlessly masters commands like sit and shake, earning praise from staff and volunteers. Staten is a leash-walking expert and a true treat connoisseur, with rotisserie chicken topping his list. He's a social butterfly, eagerly greeting both adults and kids, so don't forget to bring the whole family. Staten's calm demeanor extends to his interactions with other dogs, making him a great addition to any furry family members. He is housed at the SPCA of Texas’ Dallas Animal Care Center, so come on down seven days a week from noon to 6 p.m. to meet him.

Meet Dually!

SPCA of Texas
Photo credit SPCA of Texas

Say hello to Dually, an energetic and spunky two-year-old male Blue Heeler mix who is looking for his forever home. He’s at the SPCA of Texas waiting for you.

Dually has a mostly black coat with a beautiful salt and pepper chest and neck. And those eyes. So dark and sincere, they look right through you!

He’s done great on Borrow A Buddy weekends! Dually gets right in the car, loves meeting other people and other dogs, and he is especially good at basic commands such as sit and stay.

He has a lot of energy so Dually would love a home with an active lifestyle so that he can release those zoomies. Dually loves to go on long walks and would adore a secure backyard where he can run to his heart’s desire! Plus, there’s no bigger fan of the splash pool than this guy!

Dually's good with human kiddos and would do well with a doggie playmate in his new home, so bring the whole family to meet him before you adopt.

Meet Tera!

SPCA of Texas
Photo credit SPCA of Texas

Are you searching for a loyal and loving furry friend to complete your family? Look no further than Tera, a delightful 77-pound female Shepherd mix who is eagerly waiting for her forever home. Tera's unique qualities make her the perfect addition to any household.

Although she doesn’t have much experience with kids, Tera's gentle and friendly nature indicate she will an ideal companion for families with children. She's patient and affectionate but be sure to bring any kids to a meet and greet before you adopt.

Tera will thrive as the sole canine in a household, giving her the chance to shower you with all her attention and affection. Her loving personality shines brightest when she's the center of your world, making her the perfect choice if you're looking for a one-dog family.

Say goodbye to the hassle of house training! Tera is already potty trained, so you can enjoy a clean and stress-free living environment from day one. Your home will stay fresh, and you can focus on creating lasting memories with your new furry family member.

Tera is an enthusiastic lover of the great outdoors. She's the perfect walking companion, and her excitement for leash walks will motivate you to stay active and enjoy the fresh air together.

Meet Charlie!

SPCA of Texas
Photo credit SPCA of Texas

Looking for a devoted and charming companion to brighten your days? Meet Charlie, a lovable 2-year-old mixed breed male dog, who is eagerly seeking his forever home. Charlie is a striking 47-pound short and stocky fellow, with a distinctive black and tan coat and an adorable white front paw that adds to his unique charm.

Charlie's soulful brown eyes are windows to his gentle and affectionate soul. His floppy ears and the cutest smile you've ever seen are sure to warm your heart from the moment you meet him. He's a true masterpiece of canine charisma!

One of Charlie's standout qualities is his impeccable leash manners. You'll enjoy peaceful and enjoyable walks together, making every outdoor adventure a delightful experience.

Charlie's also a master snuggler and a pro at chilling. He enjoys quiet moments, making him a perfect companion for cozy nights in and lazy weekend mornings.

While Charlie may be a little shy at first, he quickly warms up to people who show him kindness and patience. He's a perfect fit for families with children over the age of 5 who will appreciate his gentle and affectionate nature.

Meet Canary!

SPCA of Texas
Photo credit SPCA of Texas

Meet Canary, a 44-pound bundle of joy and a true mixed breed beauty, looking for her forever home. At just 3 years old, Canary has a heart full of love to share with the right family. She's not just a dog; she's a loyal companion who will brighten your days and fill your heart with happiness.

Canary sports a short tan coat and white underbelly with bright brown eyes and a touch of white on the end of her nose. She also is wearing the cutest pair of white socks on her front legs with just a bit of white on her back paws.

Canary is an absolute sweetheart. Her friendly disposition is the first thing you'll notice when you meet her. She has a knack for melting hearts with her warm and affectionate nature. Whether it's cuddling on the couch or going for long walks in the park, Canary is your ideal companion for all your adventures.

One thing that sets Canary apart is her love for squeaker toys. It's as if these toys were made just for her! Watching her play with them is a pure delight, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She'll keep you entertained for hours with her playful antics.

While Canary is a loving and outgoing pup, she can be a little shy at first. With the right family who understands her needs, she will quickly come out of her shell and blossom into the wonderful companion she truly is. And, she loves meeting new dog friends. Still, it’s always best to bring any two- and four-legged siblings to a meet and greet with Canary before adopting.

Please browse our available animals here and click here to inquire about a dog or here to inquire about a cat.

Throughout September, all adult dog and cat adoptions are only $25 at the SPCA Dallas Animal Care Center (2400 Lone Star Drive, 75212) and the Ellis County Animal Care Center (2570 FM Road 878 Waxahachie, TX 75165). There’s one exception—when a senior adopts a senior pet, age seven or older, such as Daisy, the adoption fee is waived.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: SPCA of Texas