Ask The Expert: COVID Vaccination Card scams


There have been different kinds of scams related to COVID, ever since the pandemic started. Now, there are risks to some behavior that people are doing after they get their COVID vaccinations. They tend to share their cards on social media. And that could put you in the crosshairs for trouble.
A cyber expert from UT Dallas has some precautions you should take.

*  Don't post your vaccination record card online. The date of birth and other personal information could be used for identity theft. Scammers could pose as healthcare providers or the CDC and try to get your credit card or social security information.
* Be careful before entering your date of birth and other identifying information when you register for a vaccine. Make sure you only register for vaccines on trusted, government sites.
* Use caution with emails related to COVID-19 vaccines or tests. Make sure they come from trusted providers. "This information could be used as a part of a scam to try to deceive desperate people. For this reason, using government sites to find legitimate vaccination locations and registries is important."

On today's Ask the Expert, we're joined by Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu, he's a cybersecurity expert at UT Dallas and he's in the KRLD Zoom Room.​