AT&T Stadium prepares for 90,000 fans on Thanksgiving

AT&T Stadium prepares for 90,000 fans on Thanksgiving
Photo credit courtesy Alan Scaia

Concessions crews at AT&T Stadium have spent several days preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 90,000 fans expected to attend Thursday's game against the New York Giants. Last year, 93,483 attended the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving game against Las Vegas.

"There obviously is a lot of planning when it comes to preparing anything we prepare here but especially with the Thanksgiving meal," says Legends concessions chef Heather Fuller.

Legends will prepare 11,700 pounds of turkey. Fuller says inflation and a shortage of turkeys led her to plan even further in advance.

"We were on it," she says. "We didn't want to be caught not having [turkey] and having to change up what we were doing. We just made sure we were proactive in procuring that product we needed."

A complete list of food Legends is cooking for Thursday's game:

*10,900 lbs of famous Mac n Cheese
*4,250 lbs of ham
*182 gallons of heavy whipping cream for dessert toppings
*238 gallons of cranberry sauce 11,700 lbs of turkey
*2,390 lbs of yukon gold potatoes
*4,704 lbs of cornbread for dressing
*2,204 lbs sweet potatoes, including locally grown portion from WE Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College
*720 lbs of fresh green beans for signature Thanksgiving Bowls and Hand Pies
*400 lbs of pecans for scratch-baked pies900 lbs of pumpkin for scratch-made pies

Fuller says her crew is preparing those dishes for Thanksgiving in addition to preparing normal fare sold at concessions stands.

"We're doing all the stuff we normally we do in addition to the Thanksgiving offerings," she says.

Legends is preparing two dishes that combine many Thanksgiving favorites into one dish: the Thanksgiving Bowl and Thanksgiving Pie.

"[Thanksgiving Pie] has sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, smoked turkey and then it has cranberry sauce and gravy," Fuller says. "All that stuff is scratch made inhouse. All that's just wrapped in a flaky, buttery crust. It's just all the Thanksgiving goodness in one."

Fuller says wrapping ingredients together can make the dishes easier to carry for people who order at a concessions stand and take the food back to their seats. The two dishes are available in these locations:

Thanksgiving Bowl 
Main Club Bent Buckles (MBB208 & MBB232)
Main Club Sandwich Carts (MSC208 & MSC232)
Silver Club Bent Buckles (SBBN & SBBS)
Upper Concourse Bent Buckle Carts (UBB410 & UBB450)
Upper Smokehouse Stands (U412 and U442)

Thanksgiving Pies
Main Club Bent Buckles (MBB208 & MBB232)
Main Club Sandwich Carts (MSC208 & MSC232)
Silver Club Bent Buckles (SBBN & SBBS)
Upper Concourse Bent Buckle Carts (UBB410 & UBB450)
(4) HOF Stands will have the Thanksgiving Pie in place of the Cheesesteak Pie
(5) Stadium Drop Locations (MLGC303, MLHD318, MLHD328, MLHD342, V407)

Fuller credits her crew with working long hours leading up to the game and during the game itself to ensure the food is fresh and ready.

"They know it's a hustle, and it's really busy, but it's special to them, too," she says. "I have staff who's been here ten years. They love it. It's just something that becomes part of their holiday."

She says staff at Legends enjoys helping families build Thanksgiving traditions.

"One couple I talked to last year just had a brand new baby. They said they, as a couple, came to the Cowboys game every year for the past six years," Fuller says. "They said as they grow their family it's still going to be a tradition for them."

Thursday's game at AT&T Stadium starts at 3:30.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: courtesy Alan Scaia