COVID-19 hospitalizations have more than doubled in past month

Hospitalizations from COVID-19 in North Texas have increased 156% over the past month, and doctors at UT Southwestern say the area is now on a pace to approach the previous peak for hospitalizations this October.

Hospitalizations have increased 89% over the past two weeks, and the rate of positive tests is now back above 10%.

Photo credit UTSW

"We still have a chance to bend the curve and avoid these large surges in cases and hospitalizations, but I want to emphasize, the time to act is now," says Dr. Brad Cutrell, who serves on UT Southwestern's COVID-19 Recovery of Operations Committee.

Cutrell says anyone who is refusing to get the vaccine should reconsider.

"In light of these concerning data and trends, we really find ourselves at an important crossroads and decision point," he says. "We have this narrow window to step into action to try to turn the tide of these rising cases."

According to UT Southwestern, 82% of cases in Dallas County the first part of July were people who were not vaccinated. Nationally, 97% of hospitalizations and 99% of deaths have been among the unvaccinated.

"This has led to what has tragically been called the pandemic among the unvaccinated," Cutrell says.

"We know about the rumors being spread on social media about potential side effects and the way the vaccine was made," says Dr. Susana Lazarte. "Unfortunately, this has led to more dissemination of that misinformation. What I can say is, after six or seven months, we've continued to prove day after day these are safe and very effective. We are seeing it in real life."

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