Dallas launches database for businesses still requiring masks


The City of Dallas has launched a database where people can search for businesses still requiring masks. Governor Greg Abbott allowed businesses to operate at 100% capacity and lifted the state-wide mask requirement starting Wednesday.

Cities and counties cannot require masks, but individual businesses can still choose whether to require customers to wear a mask.

Mayor Eric Johnson asked the city's Office of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to create a database where businesses could register their own rules.

"It is critical that we make informed decisions and stay on guard as we strive to reach herd immunity," Johnson says. "This database will benefit businesses and provide a centralized resource for the people of Dallas as we continue our fight against this deadly virus."

"There are a lot of restaurants that are still going to require you to wear a mask," says Dallas City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano. "Those are the ones I'll be frequenting."

Medrano says businesses are still struggling, so a searchable database can help people feel comfortable going to a restaurant or store.

"I know a lot of folks were upset with 100% [capacity], but our businesses are struggling," he says. "I think they need to be able to come back. We need to let them operate 100% as long as we're wearing our masks. We need to help them out, especially the ones that are making you wear a mask. Those are the ones we need to visit and make sure we're supporting."

Businesses can register their individual rules here.

People can search the database by entering a business name or looking at a map at this city of Dallas website.

Featured Image Photo Credit: GettyImages