Difference Maker creates a movement from a teaching moment

Pollo Corral was hoping to teach his kids a valuable lesson about appreciation. He took his family to the store, bought full size candy bars and they wrote notes to educators saying, 'Thank you.'

The family donated the small gifts to a DISD school but the principal there wondered why they were doing it in the first place. Pollo explained what he was doing. Weeks later, the principal called Pollo back.

The gifts they'd given were small, but the impact was huge.

"The prinicpal said, 'Pollo, these gifts are making an amazing difference in my staff. I see their morale is as high as its ever been. They walk the hallways and smile at each other as colleagues and that cascades down to the classroom," Pollo said. "Everyone was winning in the eyes of this principal."

Soon, the family adopted more schools and officially created a nonprofit called Love in Motion.

Love in Motion now serves several DISD schools, the Dallas Police and Fire Departments and healthcare providers with volunteers in North Texas and across the country.

"We've never lived through a pandemic of this magnitude and it seems that this pandemic is underscoring the value of educators, of health care providers and first responders. And I think that if any time is a good time to get involved its right now because these people are serving. They are selfless and they are literally on the frontlines for our community and the more we pour into them, the more they excel," Pollo said.

We're proud to call Pollo Corral and Love in Motion this week's KRLD Difference Makers.

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