Feds bust alleged meth ring at Funky Town Swag in Fort Worth


Federal prosecutors say an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration has resulted in the breakup of a drug ring that sold crystal meth out of a clothing store in Fort Worth. "Operation Ice Tank" resulted in 30 indictments.

Prosecutors say 30-year-old Johnny Ray Rodriguez ran the operation out of a store he owned on Berry Street, called Funky Town Swag. They say he used the back room of the store to sell several kilograms of meth and also utilized drug houses, a carwash and a motel as part of the operation.

They also say he set up a drug lab at a house in Fort Worth with several co-conspirators. Of the 30 people charged in the case, 21 were arrested this week. Five were already in custody and four are at large.

"Methamphetamine trafficking has no place in Tarrant County," said Special Agent in Charge Eduardo A. Chavez of the DEA Dallas Field Division. "Individuals and organizations who not only distribute this poison in our communities, but also endanger innocent lives by converting liquid meth to crystals in makeshift laboratories cannot be tolerated."

Investigators seized 16 kilograms of meth, 9 ounces of heroin and several firearms as part of the operation.

All of the people accused in the case could face up to 40 years in federal prison if they are convicted.