Fort Worth ISD reacts to video of a racist incident at Paschal High School

Fort Worth ISD
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The Fort Worth ISD has reacted to a video of a racist incident that took place at one of its high schools.

The video in question depicts a student at Paschal High School reading from a piece of paper, saying the "N" word repeatedly and the "F" word at least once, and the teacher did nothing to stop it.

The presentation was reportedly made during a lesson on slavery.

The Fort Worth ISD and the school say the language and the actions in the video are inexcusable, and they have launched an immediate investigation.

Superintendent Kent Scribner says he's recommending that the teacher be fired from the district.

Fort Worth's Black community reacted angrily to the video.

Pastor Kyev Tatum of the New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church says he's puzzled as to why it happened in the first place.

In a news conference, Rev. Tatum said, "One, why would a student use that term in today's climate? Two, why would a teacher allow that word to be used nine times without interrupting the student and using it as a teachable moment?"

Tatum is also taking exception to how the school district handled it at first.

"The school district's initial response was to be quiet, say nothing, (and) handle it within," Tatum said.

While Scribner wants the teacher to be fired, Tatum says the entire school administration needs to go, and that's not all.

"We're calling for a federal civil rights investigation from the United States Department of Education," Tatum said, "because we know that this has been systemic, it's historic, and it's hurtful. It's harmful and it's hindering our kids from getting a quality education."

Furthermore, Tatum says the incident highlights the hypocrisy of some in the community.

"The same people who don't want Critical Race Theory taught in the schools are the same ones who gave this lesson on slavery," Tatum noted.

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