Has the 'Cancel Culture' gone too far?

Just last week, toymaker Hasbro announced it was removing the "Mr." from the "Mr. Potato Head" brand name, although the company shortly thereafter clarified its move, saying the long-popular toy would continue to be known by his original title.

On Tuesday, the group that oversees the legacy and works of the late author Dr. Seuss announced several of his books would no longer be produced as a result of the "racial and insensitive" imagery portrayed in them.

Some applaud these developments, while others call them the latest victims of the "cancel culture," in which anything that might be considered offensive comes under public attack until it is abolished.

Rob Weinhold is among the nation's top crisis management experts.  The author of "The Art of Crisis Leadership" discussed the impact of the "cancel culture," and why it has taken on a new form, with KRLD's Chris Sommer