No, there are no changes to the Cowboys uniforms for this season

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Don't worry Cowboys fans -- your team is not making any changes to its uniforms for this season.

Every year, the NFL puts out a style guide for all 32 teams, detailing the official look of their uniforms -- and one element of the image of the Dallas Cowboys has raised some eyebrows among uniform aficionados.

On Tuesday, Donovan Moore, who runs the website, posted the image on X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, pointing out that the outer stripes on the silver pants -- the ones worn with the seldom-worn navy blue jerseys -- were royal blue instead of navy blue.

"One theory is that they might wear these with the white jerseys on the road instead of the silver-green/silver-blue home pants," Moore wrote.

Well, that sentence immediately blew up the sports uniform message boards, with people speculating that the Cowboys were going to start to wear silver pants with their white jerseys instead of the long-time mismatched metallic silver-blue.

In fact, Paul Lukas from UniWatch had a whole writeup about it on his website.

But what we at KRLD News have that all those other people don't is a business relationship with the Dallas Cowboys, with our sister station, 105.3 The Fan, being the longtime flagship station of the Cowboys radio network.

That enabled us to go right to the source for the definitive information.

National Football League
Photo credit National Football League
National Football League
Photo credit National Football League

Equipment Manager Mike McCord, who one would presume would know more about this than all of mankind combined, says there is absolutely nothing to it -- the Cowboys' uniform this season is exactly the same as those from years past.

The Cowboys say there's no explanation for the difference in color of the silver pants' stripes on the style guide, only that it's possibly human error.

Hopefully, the only addition to the Cowboys' uniform will be a Super Bowl patch in February.

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