Plano city council approves backyard chickens

Plano city council approves backyard chickens
Plano city council approves backyard chickens Photo credit GettyImages

The Plano City Council has approved a change to the city's animal regulations in order to let people keep chickens on their property within the city limits.

The policy change had been pushed by a group called Plano Hens. The change had passed the city's Plano’s Planning and Zoning Commission this summer before winning approval on a vote of 7-1 at Monday' night's Plano City Council meeting.

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"I feel that it's a property rights issue, and many of the other cities around us have done this and shown that they can do it well without having a nuisance to their neighbors," said Mayor Pro Tem Kayci Prince. "I think that we've always done things well in Plano and this will be no different."

Only Plano City Council Member Rick Grady voted against the plan.

"We talk about it as being a property rights issue, with about 200 homeowners that would like chickens in their backyard," he said, "and forget about the 73,800 other homeowners that may not want to have chickens in their backyard - and it's their property rights I am concerned about."

The new ordinance will allow hens but will continue to prohibit roosters. Residents will be able to keep up to ten hens on their property, provided they meet the city's requirements for space and enclosures. They'll also be required to take a course on how to care for the birds and receive a city permit. Residents will be allowed to sell the eggs the chickens produce.

All of those requirements met with the approval of the Plano Hens Action Team.

“It was fantastic working with Mr. Cantrell (Plano's Director of Animal Services)," said Adam Sablich, the team's co-founder. "He's done an excellent job of putting together an ordinance that we all agree on...that is extremely caring for the safety of hens and keeping the nuisance down for neighbors."

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