Fort Worth police officer fired for racially insensitive Facebook post


A Fort Worth police officer who posted a racially insensitive meme on his Facebook page is now out of a job.

The image that the Fort Worth Police Department calls "grossly inappropriate" was posted onto the Facebook page of Roger Ballard and his wife, Katie -- both officers with the department.

The Fort Worth Poilce Department's Internal Affairs department concluded that Roger was the one who posted the image; and today, Ballard received an indefinite suspension for violating the department's social media policy.

Legal analyst Trent Lofton says it's tantamount to termination.

The Fort Worth Poilce Department's Internal Affairs office is continuing the investigation to the extent of Katie Ballard's possible involvement.

KRLD has reached out to Sergeant Manny Ramirez, the President of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association, and to a representative of the group United My Justice for reaction and is waiting to hear back.