Press Release: Ellis County opposes federal vaccine mandate


Ellis County Commissioners have agreed to adopt a resolution to oppose the Biden Administration's federal vaccine mandate.

In the official resolution, the commissioners "oppose any vaccine mandates proposed by any government or government department" and "oppose any use of county resources to enforce government mandates regarding any COVID-19 vaccination or treatment."

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The commissioners also "demand that the Federal Government withdraw any such proposals" and "request the State of Texas to employ all necessary resources to protect our fellow citizens from federal attempts to harass, bully, or threaten the employment of any Texan who does not wish to undergo a certain medical treatment."

County Judge Todd Little calls the vaccine mandate both unconstitutional and un-American.

Judge Little says "The choice of whether to undergo a medical treatment is strictly between an individual and his or her doctor. The Federal Government has no constitutional authority to deprive Americans of the right to earn a living just because they do not want a vaccine or medical treatment. This mandate could become a 'slippery slope' to all Americans and any of their constitutional rights."

Judge Little says the county operated a vaccine hub from February to June when approximately 80,000 Ellis County residents received a vaccine voluntarily.

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