Texas Sen. Cornyn urges Senate to pass $40B Ukraine aid bill

Senator John Cornyn
Senator John Cornyn Photo credit Bloomberg / Contributor

Senator John Cornyn is offering more details about his recent trip to Ukraine as he urges the Senate to pass a $40 billion aid package for that country. He met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday as part of a delegation of lawmakers from the United States.

"When it comes to military aid, President Zelenskyy emphasized a message he has consistently shared with us - 'we need more, and we need it faster'," Sen. Cornyn said. "President Zelenskyy asked us as representatives of our various states and the American people to convey to the American people his personal thanks and gratitude for supporting them during this existential fight with Russia."

It's been more than two months since Russian troops invaded Ukraine. The U.S. Senate took a preliminary vote earlier this week on a $40 billion aid package containing funds for humanitarian relief and money to boost Ukraine's supply of weapons. It passed with bipartisan support.

"This military and humanitarian support is not strictly an act of altruism on our part. We are doing this also because allowing Ukraine to defend itself is in our best interest," Sen. Cornyn said.

The final vote on the aid package is expected in the next few days. It has already passed the House of Representatives, which means that once the Senate approves the bill would go to President Biden for his signature.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Bloomberg / Contributor