Beer could soon be in short supply across the US and here's why

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As if there hasn’t been enough shortages since the start of the pandemic in 2020, reports now say that the nation needs to brace for another one, only this one isn’t related to any worker holdouts or supply chain challenges.

In the wake of the contamination of a natural carbon dioxide reservoir in Mississippi by an extinct underground volcano, breweries could find themselves with a lack of necessary materials to create their chief export.

We could be headed for a beer shortage.

“It's certainly something we're keeping close attention to," said Aeronaut Brewing Company CEO Ronn Friedlander, who is sounding the warning bells.
"We have to figure out some way to continue to source CO2 and, for now, we're actually just staying ahead of it, but it's certainly a big concern for us.”

Friedlander said the current carbon dioxide crisis could lead to two unwanted outcomes: smaller selection and higher prices.

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