Diesel fuel fight may be looming


Businesses that have been able to stay open because they have backup generators may soon find themselves having trouble getting diesel fuel.  The problem is more logistic than supply oriented.

Distributors say they have diesel fuel in stock, but delivering the fuel is a problem because of the poor condition of the roads and cold temperatures.  The trucks have to use the same icy, snow-packed roads as everyone else, if they start.  So, fewer trucks are out.  Distributors are forced to make choices where to send the cargo.

“We are focusing on just infrastructure, human safety, first responders.” said Sam Vrett of Ricochet Fuel Distributors in Euless.  “What few deliveries we are limited to we are directing towards the greater good so that we can get more fuel rolling.  The sooner the better.”

The choice means businesses that are running on backup generators to get around the rolling power outages could find themselves out of diesel and on a waiting list that won’t shrink until the conditions improve.

Out of state truckers are headed to Texas to help, Vrett says.  They, however, are subject to the same rugged driving conditions as everyone else.​

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images