Five jobs that could be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future

An illustration denoting artificial intelligence.
An illustration denoting artificial intelligence. Photo credit Getty Images

Every day we get closer to the events of "The Terminator" happening as a new report has found that five jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future.

Market research analysts with Analytics Insight have shared that with AI's potential becoming more impactful every day, industries could soon begin using the technology to replace human labor.

The report from Analytics Insight shared that AI has the ability to drive business growth, provide insightful outcomes, automate manufacturing processes, and leverage customized advertisements.

According to predictions, five jobs that could be replaced by AI by the year 2050 include receptionists, proofreaders, market research analysts, taxi and bus drivers, and doctors.

Desk jobs are already starting to be automated, with tech being able to schedule meetings, answer and direct phone calls and answer questions, to name a few tasks. The report shared this could be the first job to become fully automated.

With tech continuing to make advancements in proofreading software, the job of human proofreaders and editors may soon be replaced by a system that can do it in no time at all.

AI-powered tools could soon arrange data more effectively than humans in a market research analyst role could, according to the report, making this another job on the chopping block.

Self-driving cars appeared on the scene last decade, becoming more popular with the help of Tesla, and the report found that soon they could replace the need for drivers.

While the AI won't take seven years to get on the job, the report says that doctors could also be replaced as technology is already impacting the industry, with the ability to do almost everything.

A report from Health Care IT News shared that AI is already being used to reduce the amount of administrative waste in the industry.

MIT and Harvard scientists have also found that AI can be used to determine a patient's race by only their X-Rays, according to a paper publishing findings.

Artificial intelligence has already continued to make an impact in the world as industries continue to test its limitations.

For example, this week, a cargo ship being completely navigated by AI completed a 500-mile journey from Tokyo Bay to Ise Bay, Suzaka, according to Interesting Engineering.

With technology continuing to make strides, the future possibilities seem endless.