Today Is National Cheeseburger Day


Today is National Cheeseburger Day and a burger expert shared some tips on how you can fix a perfect one at home.

Landon Amis of Rodeo Goat in Dallas knows a few things about burgers.

His restaurant is known as one of the best burger joints in town and he says a good cheese burger starts with a good piece of meat. Then add cheese, cheddar is the most popular choice, but he suggests trying goat cheese if you want something a little different.
As for the bun, Amis says pick what you like....but it MUST be toasted.

Tomato, lettuce and onions are usual toppers .and only mayo and mustard on a traditional cheeseburger.

He recommends cooking them medium to medium well, flip your burger just once. And don't forget to salt and pepper the meat.