Wine shortage may be on tap as supply-chain woes continue

Empty glass
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As the nation and the world continue to struggle through shortages of popular and everyday goods caused by supply-chain delays, another favorite product could now be rendered scarce, and just in time for holiday season...


But don’t blame the grape-growers or the vineyards. The challenge for winemakers is actually the packaging, or more specifically the lack of materials to make the packaging.

Two major pieces necessary for packaging wine are stuck in a bit of limbo. Paper remains caught up in the labor shortages as it sits at ports waiting to be unloaded and shipped. Meanwhile, adhesives are in short supply after last winter’s Texas freeze, and the price of bottles has gone up as much as 50% even while they take longer to arrive.

Packaging is important where alcoholic products are concerned because of the labelling laws in various states.

The bottom line: Add wine to the list of purchases you may have to either stock up on early or do without as you plan out your holiday gatherings.