Family of double amputee shot, killed by Huntington Park Police file claim against city

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HUNTINGTON PARK, Calif. (KNX) - The family of a double amputee who was shot and killed by Huntington Park Police filed a claim against the city.

On Jan. 26, Anthony Lowe was shot and killed by the Huntington Park Police Department. Officers were responding to a reported stabbing and found Lowe with a 12-inch long butcher knife. The department claimed Lowe ignored their commands and “threatened officers.”

A spokesperson for Lowe’s family said Lowe, who was in a wheel chair and had both legs amputated at the knees, was undergoing a mental health crisis when he was killed. Lowe’s family said he couldn’t have been a threat because he was in a wheelchair.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau is investigating the shooting. Attorney Austin Dove said he’s not satisfied with the answers he’s getting about the investigation, claiming it’s “being washed away.”

“…In the sense that now we won’t get those answers because they’ve already concluded that the officers’ force was reasonable here,” he said. “They’ve concluded that Anthony was a threat to them and when you do that within a few days of starting a process, you know where it’s gonna end up.”

The formal claim for damages was filed on behalf of Anthony Lowe’s teenage son.

A woman named Ebinuque, the mother of Lowe’s son, said the last week has been devastating for her and her son.

“I asked my baby yesterday, I said, ‘What do you want to happen?’ He said, ‘I just want the truth and justice. I want them to go to jail,’” she said.

The family is continuing to call for the officers to be prosecuted and for their names to be released. They are also demanding video evidence of the shooting to be turned over.

“Why is it that the authorities have the video?” attorney Christian Contreras said.

“Why is it that the authorities can review everything and why is it that they only have access to all the evidence in this case when the family…the most important people in this case have not seen it, have not seen exactly how their loved one was murdered and are deprived of that information?”

The Homicide Bureau said the report is “far from complete” as not all officers and witnesses have been interviewed.

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