Thieves break into Carousel School, steal van

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WESTCHESTER (CNS) - Thieves stole a van from a special needs school in Westchester, and police today are looking for two suspects who are suspected of stealing the van, damaging another and stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Security cameras at the Carousel School in Westchester captured two people jumping over a barbed wire fence and breaking into two vans on Tuesday night, school officials told KTLA 5.

"The first suspect climbed over the fence right there. The second one climbed over the fence right there," the school's technology assistant manager, Joe Davis, told KTLA 5.

Maria Davis, Executive Director of Carousel Schools, told KTLA 5 the thieves took cellphones, flashlights and other equipment from the vans.

Carousel School has been in Westchester for 45 years and buses more than 70 students to campus daily.

The thieves stole one of the vans. School administrators told KTLA 5 it will take an estimated $70,000 to replace the two vans, and another $30,000 to replace the stolen items.

"Please, we really would like to get our things back, so we can be back in business and pick up kids," Maria Davis told KTLA 5.

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