Poll: Which Office Perks Would You Give Up to Bring Your Pet to Work?

Staffordshire terrier sits in office chair at a workplace
Photo credit iStock / Getty Images Plus

Does your workplace allow people to bring their pets with them? Would you take advantage of it if it was an option for you?

According to a new survey, more and more offices are allowing their employees to bring their four-legged pals to work alongside them, with mentions of pet-friendly offices in job listings growing threefold in the last two years, reports People.

The survey, which was conducted by ZipRecruiter and was based on responses from 200 employers and a total of 3,000 job applicants, also found that pet owners are willing to sacrifice some work perks if it means that they can bring their pet to the office.

Forty one percent of respondents said they would give up free snacks, 30% would say goodbye to catered meals, 18% would forego employee discounts, and 17% would even hand over one paid vacation day.

Would you give up any office perks to be able to bring your pet to work? Take our poll below and let us know!

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