Wounded driver dies after fiery crash in Azusa neighborhood

Wounded driver dies after fiery crash in Azusa neighborhood
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AZUSA, Calif. (KNX) - Authorities are trying to figure out what led to a violent crash that killed one person in Azusa Monday morning.

"It was [ridiculous], the speed and everything," said witness Steven Jimenez. "I got the notification. Soon as I saw it I knew I had to come home.

According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, crews responded a little past 10:05 a.m. after learning of a high-speed collision in the 17700 block of E. Newburgh Street. The out-of-control car slammed into a parked truck before catching on fire. Jimenez, whose security camera captured the collision, estimated that the driver was traveling at least 55-60 mph.

"I was scared," said witness Reyna Sanchez.

The parked truck belonged to Sanchez's family and her father helped put out a fire.

"His instinct was to get the fire [extinguisher] out and try to help the guy out," she said.

Sanchez said neighbors tried to help the driver but he had already died by the time the fire was put out.

Authorities later discovered that the driver was shot prior to crashing on E. Newburgh Street. Law enforcement sources said the man was wearing a dark ski mask. A preliminary investigation led authorities to believe that he was involved in a car-to-car shooting earlier in the day.

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