The DNA test revelation that made Chrissy Teigen question her entire life

Chrissy Teigen
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DNA tests have resulted in countless family reunions and surprise revelations over the years, but the results of a recent 23andMe left Chrissy Teigen “spiraling.”

The supermodel posted a video on social media where she explained that lately she’s been “trying to figure out a lot about my past and my family,” prompting her to spring for a deep dive into her genetics.

“I paid for some of the upgrades [on 23andMe] and the first thing that came up after I found that I was part Neanderthal was this – I have an identical twin. That has to be a joke, right?” she asked into the camera.

The 37-year old continued, sharing that after she sent a message to her twin on the company’s app and contacting a customer support bot, her next step was asking her father if another child was born at the same time as her.

“No, I was there, there were not two of you,” Teigen said her father told her. Unconvinced, she then reached out to more family. “So, I call my sister and I say ‘hey, what’s up. Do I have an identical twin?’”

Teigen said that “at this point I’m making excuses for my whole life, this is why I’m so codependent because my twin was ripped away from me, I’ve always felt something is missing, this is why I have addiction issues.”

But her sister quickly explained what was really going on. “My sister was like ‘Chrissy no, remember when you were supposed to do that show ‘Finding Your Roots’ and so they had us all do DNA tests and they put it under secret names so the world couldn’t tell?’”

The show never aired, but the DNA results were still in the system, prompting Teigen to realize that “my identical twin was myself. I was matching myself.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images