Toys for Tots Refill

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During this magical time of year, it is hard to believe that someone would steal toys from a child. But that is exactly wht happened.

On December 4th at the Dollar General in Belleview, a man entered the store and stole a box full of cash donations for the Ocala Toys for Tots program.  The cash box, set up next to the checkout register, had about $800 according to Patrick Joynt, coordinator for the Ocala Toys for Tots.  Authorities were able to capture the suspected grinch, but according to the arrest report, he man allegedly spent all the money, leaving a big void of cash meant to brighten a child's Christmas. Making matters worse, according to Patrick, is this is the 5th year in a row, where at least one Toys for Tots cash box has been stolen.

So we'd like to see if you could help "refill the box" with fresh cash donations that is safe from a thief and guaranteed to make a child in need smile Christmas morning. If you'd like to "refill the box", click THIS link and make a donation to the Ocala Toys for Tots and thank you from the entire staff of 98.5 KTK.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Audacy