All Nevada counties will be subject to indoor mask mandate

Elevated Covid-19 transmission rate hitting even the rural counties
A variety of face masks
face masks Photo credit JJ Gouin/Getty Images

Carson City, NV (AP) - All 17 counties in Nevada will be subject to an indoor mask mandate by the end of the week, health officials said Wednesday.

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An emergency directive from Gov. Steve Sisolak requires counties adopt mask requirements for indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor spaces in line with guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention if they surpass thresholds for COVID-19 transmission.

Rural Eureka County is the state’s only jurisdiction currently not subject to a mask requirement, but reported high transmission for the second week in a row, triggering the mandate starting Friday.

The reintroduction of masks and the debut of vaccine requirements in venues like sporting events, conventions and some schools have been met with resistance throughout the state.