Covid-19 cases in Clark County continue to rise

Hospitalizations continue to be at an acceptable rate
A man receives a Covid-19 test
Covid-19 test Photo credit Drazen Zigic/Getty Images

Las Vegas, NV (KXNT) -- COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Clark County, but hospitalizations are slowing, according to new statistics released Wednesday by the state and the Southern Nevada Health District.

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COVID-19 cases have risen by about 40% over the past week in Clark County, according to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

For Clark County, the 14-day moving average of daily COVID-19 cases has grown from 348 to 491, with 4,453 new cases. Figures reported by the county are even higher, with an increase of 4,865 cases over numbers reported last week.

Statewide, DHHS reports that the 14-day moving average has increased to 610 new cases each day, up from 429 last week. Nevada's total cases increased by 5,631 over the past week. That's a 43% increase.

State health officials have said that Nevadans should expect to see COVID-19 cases rise through May, and SNHD advised people to take precautions as graduations and Memorial Day get-togethers bring more people together.

Hospitals are seeing more COVID-19 patients, but those increases aren’t seen as cause for concern.

Clark County reported 13 COVID-related death last week. Statewide, there were 48 deaths.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Drazen Zigic/Getty Images