At Philadelphia parks, social distancing ambassadors remind people to wear masks, stay apart

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation's social distancing ambassadors
Photo credit Courtesy of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  There are some measures in place to help keep you safe in Philadelphia's green spaces.

If you go to one of Philadelphia's parks or open spaces Thursdays through Sundays, chances are you'll run into someone with a mask and yellow vest talking about social distancing.

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation has rolled out social distancing ambassadors that give out information on how to stay safe during the pandemic. 

Janelle Harris is the assistant recreation leader at the Olney Recreation Center, but throughout the pandemic, she's also working as an ambassador on the Schuylkill trails, Martin Luther King Drive, and Kelly Drive.

Part of that job entails making sure people have the proper equipment when they're out and about.

“If they do not have a mask, the ambassadors do have masks that we give out, and it says ‘mask up philly,’ ” Harris said. 

And for those who choose not to mask up, Harris says they ask them to keep others in mind.

“Try to respect people's space, more so. Just respect the space of everyone else if you choose not to wear a mask,” she said. 

Harris says the ambassadors also mark down and log what equipment needs to be cleaned so maintenance crews can help keep those surfaces coronavirus-free.