Police looking for shooters who killed 2, injured 3 at 'Fresh Prince' playground


UPDATED: Sept. 17, 2:11 p.m.

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Police are investigating a shooting at a park and basketball court in the Spring Garden section of the city Wednesday night that left two men dead and two more wounded.

Investigators say 55 shots were fired at Roberto Clemente Park at 18th and Wallace streets at around 8:10 p.m. Police say three men chased after a 21-year-old Khalid Henderson and gunned him down. 

“It’s the culture of violence that we’ve been seeing. These young men are not giving themselves a chance to live, and that’s problematic, that’s concerning for us. It’s heartbreaking actually,” Singleton said. “We must get to the youth out here. They feel like they have nothing to live for.” 

Singleton said Roberto Clemente Park is not known for violence. 

"It was loud. ... And it sounded like automatic weapons," Brian Fitzpatrick said. He was out walking his dog when the shooting happened. "It was crazy. Not used to that in this area."

Neighbors say they are worried about drugs in the area.

"It’s real sad that this is going on in this neighborhood. But it’s kids that don’t live in the neighborhood that are coming down here and shooting at the guys that live in the neighborhood," said a man who asked not ot be identified.

There were a few dozen people in the park at the time, so police say this could have been even worse with so many bullets flying.

"There were girls doing yoga right across the street as this happened," Fitzpatrick said. "And there was someone skateboarding at this corner who had nothing to do with the crowd."

It happens to be the park where part of the introduction to popular '90s television series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" was filmed. 

Police say they’re looking for the shooters who were involved. They say one man, who was running from the scene, was taken into custody. Singleton said he had a gun in his car, but it is not clear if he was one of the men who opened fire. 


CORRECTION: Khalid Henderson was 21 years old, and a quotation from Brian Fitzpatrick was misattributed.