Poll: 28% of Americans would rather give up social media for a year than run marathon

Group of people running.
Photo credit Pavel1964/Getty Images
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Philadelphia Marathon weekend is underway and thousands of runners are gearing up to hit the pavement, but new research says a large chunk of Americans aren't running a marathon anytime soon.

A new Aleve and Harris poll finds that Americans just aren't that into running marathons. The research says that 1 in 4 or 28% of Americans would give up social media for a year rather than run a marathon, and 1 in 5 would rather suffer through a root canal than have to run a marathon.  

"I'm gonna say a root canal. I was just on my phone on social media when you walked up," said Sianni, a student at Temple University who says there's no way she would give up her connection to the world. 

Russell and Charlie, both in their 20s, weren't too keen on running that marathon either. 

"I think I'd lose a year without social media," said Russell, while Charlie said he would do just about anything other than run a marathon. 

But Philadelphian Quarana said she'd take the challenge. 

"I'd run that marathon. I can get into shape," she said. 

The poll also said 21% of Americans would prefer to disclose their weight to coworkers. 

The consensus: Preparing for a marathon is just too much work.